Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday, Ourense to Silleda

On and off rain all day long, 4,376 feet of climbing over 44 miles and cold. 10 mph head wind.
Bundled and wrapped, we started off on foot to get to the office of tourism to get the stamps for our Pilgrim Passports. It was a bit of a hike, with heavy down pours.
It had been raining most of the night. We were woken with the sound of the rain outside our hotel window.
After we got our stamps, we walked out of town so as not to get tangled in the morning rush hours of heavy traffic.
We decided to wait out the hard rain by sitting in a cafe for an early lunch and get prepared for the day on the road in the wet.
We knew from the last time we were here that it was going to be both hilly and cold. We stayed on the pavement today and stayed out of the mud and slip.
Some of the climbs went on for over an hour. Not much to see when your head is down, in the zone and trying not to think of the very hard work.
We reached the town of our hotel around 7:30pm. It was starting to get dark so we pulled into a gas station to ask where the hotel was. Another or so. up hill, of course.
At the point of feeling totally lost, we stopped in front of a big house for a look around. The owner came out and explained where the hotel/home was around the corner and down a steep driveway like road. His son was kind enough to lead us there on his bicycle, again proving to us the the people of Spain will go way out of their way to help a traveler in need.
Tomorrow is our last day on the Camino to Santiago. We are both tired from the road and look forward to being in one place for a couple of days and rest.
Our plan to stay with the trail all day and expect to be to Santiago by 2:00 pm.

Today's weather forecast is cloudy and cool. No rain. For us now, that's a very good thing!

It was hard to deal with the cameras today because of the rain, but here are some photos of today's ride:

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