Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday, Sanabria to A Gudina to Couso Galan

We started out today's ride in the rain. Not too bad and not cold. We needed to climb out of town on the Camino following the marks. Our plan was to do the 60 kms on the pavement and simply, get it done.
The higher we climbed, the windier and rainier it got. Gusts so strong that we almost fell off the bike more then once. I could only see about 10 feet in front of us. Wind and pelting rain. Painful. The sound of the wind was so loud that we had to shout to hear each other. I was starting to worry about being hit by a car.
We reached a point where we knew where we were from our trip in 2010. There was a little house as a shelter of sorts that we went into for cover. The rain and wind was blowing inside almost as hard as outside.
My plastic bag for my camera left my hand and blew out the windo and away down the mountain.
Thats when we realized that we needed to go back.
We were only 5 miles away but even going down hill was slow because of the strong wind and the pelting rain. Barbara also commented on how painful the rain drops going sideways were.
Fortunately, When we got back to the hotel, soaking wet, our bags had not been picked up by the taxi. The owner of the hotel arranged with the taxi driver to take us and our tandem to our next evenings stay.
We never would have made it if we had gone on. We certainly did the right thing today.

Here are some photos of todays ride. The last photo was taken from the tandem in the trailer while we were in the car, warm safe and dry!

The link below the photos is from 2010 and the shelter and the roads that were ahead. We think you will agree, that we in fact made the right choice to return to safety.

Pilgrim on the road ahead on the right.

The little shelter on a good day 5 years ago:

Copy this link to see the roads in 2010 that we would have had to do in todays wind and rain!


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  1. Yikes! That sounds (and looks) like "stay inside and drink" weather.
    The worst thing that I had to deal with on *my* last vacation was the godawful Scottish coffee... :-)