Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Statistics of Our Ride

Here are the totals of our ride and as a result how the Tandem held up.

784.49 miles of 80% off road or dirt road, of which about 10% was walking

37,472 feet of climbing.

Number of crashes, two, as a result of deep sand

8 flats. Thorns mostly. 2 rim pinched flats.

2 Tires. The old tires delaminated, the rear first, exposing the tire cord. They could be ridden, but we replaced them to be safe.

The front hub had one sealed bearing wear out causing about 3/8" play at the rim, side to side.

The front left crank bearing, (bottom bracket) wore out causing the crank to run loose.

Our suitcases were missing for 6 days.

3,402 gallons of beer consumed by pilot of the tandem

Number of Restaurants that we went to without a TV running, one.

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  1. Scott and Barbara, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed very much your blog!