Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday off in Santiago

So why would anybody spend so much time on a bicycle, riding across a country to keep going back to the same place?
I mean really! There has got to be a couple of places with a shorter ride and a better ending then a Town settled in the 13th century with great history and great places to go when you arive.
We don't think so.
So whats so special? How about, no cars. Walking everywhere is what 99% of the people do.
How about streets paved with Granite? Most of the time, big blocks.
More great restaurants per street then San Francisco. Bars where the huge beers are three dollars and come with a snack and! WiFi too. They would never ask you to leave until closing.
Walking with a limp is hip and if your friend is too, Perfecto!

Here are some photos for you of today. Just walking around and checking out the city of Santiago Compastela.

The view from bed. Great start to a great day!

The walk down town.

The Jazzman of Santiago

The Pilgrim Office for the Certificate of our Journey

Walking Home


  1. I totally see going back to's the cycling across Spain to get there that I would not subscribe to...Ryan Air maybe! So glad you made it unscathed and enjoyed your (another) adventure. Kudos to you.

  2. Sandy wants to go, as SAG Wagon. ;-)