Wednesday, October 7, 2015


We have finished our journey to Santiago.
We headed out on the trail today, as much off road as the Camino would allow.
The weather was perfect! A great day of riding with all the sights we would expect and more.
The surfase was a bit damp in spots, making the riding fun.
Constant up and down all day. Great views of the distant hills with very little traffic and only a few pilgrims.
The finish into town on the Via de la Plata is the niceset of all the Caminos we have done. It remains quite and country roads until the very end.
We expected to be finished at two o´clock. Not so. We finished at Six. Taking our time and talking about our days past. All in all, a beautiful day on the Camino de Santiago!

Our hotel for the evening before the last day on the road to Santiago.

"Just look at that, will ya!~ Will ya?"

Less then 2 miles from the center of the city os Santiago. We came through the back door on this trip!

Our view of the Cathedral out our back door of our Hotel room.


  1. Congratulations!!!! Forget the internet, go to sleep, take a shower and go enjoy a few days off of the bike.

  2. Thanks you guys and thank you for following!

  3. You and Barb are my heroes. Living vicariously through you two is such a treat. Thanks so much for sharing all this!