Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday, From Mombuey to Puebla de Sanabria

Another beautiful Fall day here in Spain. The perfect riding weather.
We headed out of town on the trail. Remembering details from 5 years ago, We are amazed how much better marked the trail is now. Sometimes its hard to believe that there is a stone marker in places where it would be really hard to put one. It seems as if they were dropped by helicopter.
Places where no car could go. Not even a 4 wheeler motorcycle.

Our first stop and walk around was a village with an tower that has a story of the Knights Templar. Built in the 11th century, It is said that it is possible to have 40 people standing on one floor at a time. Forty, being a mystical number. The church was later added. Walking around I could see that the village was one of the oldest we have visited. In good shape, the town folk have done a great job of keeping it up.

We are starting to see more Chestnut trees now. The road at times are covered with the sharp pointed seed pod balls. Not sharp enough to puncture a tire, but I avoid them anyway. Some of the trees are huge. Sometimes as large as 10 feet across.

The Camino takes us from village to village. Most have nothing but homes. Some have a Bar with food and cold drinks. Sometimes we stop. Most of the time we ride right through. All are quite beautiful and such a treat to experience a part of Spain that most tourists don't get to see.

Its starting to become more hilly. Sometimes climbs of over a half hour. In the woods, we walk. The down hills are slow going so we don't loose footing and have the front tire skid. When its loose, you I need to stay off the front brake or the bike will skid. The Drum brake has been a huge help this trip. The drum brake is a brake added onto the rear hum that is controlled by a Lever on the handlebar stem. It allows me to not have to use the rim brakes as much and saves the wear on the rims and the heat caused by the friction. On big hills the heat from a rim brake can even ruin a tire.
Our stay tonight is in the town pictured in the last photo. Nice spot but with poor WiFi. They say its because of the "Thick Walls" OK?


Roman Road

Tonights stay.

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  1. Congrats you guys. A spectacular account of your wonderful travels!