Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thursday. Tabara to Mombuey

The absolute perfect day and the absolute perfect day for a bike ride. Cool on the shade and warm in the sun. Big change from when we started this journey which seems about a year ago.
The land has turned to green and less dry. Signs of Fall with only some of the trees turning color and dropping leaves. More trees and more shade. Less fly's.
Great views of the mountains way off that will become part of our riding in the next couple of days.
We have seen long stretches of blue colored grass. It almost looks as if they had been sprayed with something. Magical!
We crossed a highway on an overpass and heard off in the distance, cow bells. The cow bells were sheep. We figures about 500 of them with one shepherd and 5 dogs. The sound of the bells was great. I tried to video it, but the sound was so faint, the camera only picked up my breathing. You can see the photo below.
Today was the first day we started with warm clothing. Pealing layers as we went. it never got above 75 degrees F.
Moving along at a good clip. Walking on the really steep hills both up and down, with loose rock. Lots of white Quartz bits are everywhere now. More shale then we have seen in the past.
We are now on trails we have ridden on in 2010. Places we remember and places we don't.
We are seeing more Pilgrims now that are are on the Via Della Plata. Non that have come where we started.
The trail is better marked then 5 years ago. There are more stone markers then ever before. It's nice to not get lost. I remember at intersections where we went the wrong way last time and where now, there are markers.
Later in the afternoon the wind picked up. It became strong, about 25 mph head wind for the last 10 miles. Tough enough that we decided to hit the pavement.
We are staying in another "Truck Stop" Hotel" Not bad, but you know,,,,
Tomorrow we will hit the trail again for what could be our shortest riding distance.

Here are a couple for now, one of the sheep.

My favorite trail marker!

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