Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday, Zamora to Tobara

We were told on Tuesday afternoon that our long lost suitcases would arrive at the hotel at noon on Wednesday.
This morning, not being really sure if we should get on the road and let the hotel staff take care of a taxi to ship them to our next stay, we went back to the room after breakfast. We both went back to sleep. We both woke to the rooms phone ringing. Yes the bags had arrived!
Mine had been opened, but nothing was missing.
We went back to the room and got the needed things for the road and brought the bags to the front desk and the taxi driver.
Barbara thinks we have saved a couple hundred dollars by not having them come along each night. Something we may plan to do on future trips. Slip a few nights by having the bags sent ahead.
After a walk around town and a stop for a quick lunch, we finally hit the road around 1:30. Very late for the length of today's ride. Instead of taking any chances of coming too late, we hoped on the pavement and with heads down got to our next evenings stay as quickly as possible.
Perfect riding weather with a tail wind to start. Heading out of the big city's are always tricky but today went smoothly.
We got our first look at the mountains in our future. The don't look small.
The highway was very lite in traffic. Mostly trucks that gave us the whole lane when they passed. Only one every 3 minuets or so.
We got to our evenings stay around 5:30. The women,host at the hotel was happy to see us and gave us all the info we needed regarding dinner and breakfast. She also aranged the taxi for the morning to get the bags to our next stop.
Here are some photos from today's ride:

A Cigarette Machine for Bicycle Racers!

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