Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday. From La Font Figuera to Higueruela

2673 feet of climbing, 20 MPH headwind, 50 Miles, mostly off road.
The temp has dropped to 73 degrees, sunny and clear.
Non stop wind. The wind is so loud that we cant chat without me turning my head to hear.
Most of the time we are in the middle of no where. No farms, people, cars. We are riding most of the time and only dis mounting when things get sketchy.
If you have seen our route map, we have rounded the corner of heading South and are now heading North West.
The sun is very strong. I have changed to sun glasses. I never use anything but clear in New England.
The ground is hard and dry. Not too rocky, but sometimes with golf ball sized rollers to avoid. Having to pay constant attention is tough.
We got in around 6:30 after many stops. Totally beat. Too tired to eat.

Tomorrow is mostly down hill and short. We are looking forward to that!

Here are some photos from today's ride:


  1. Sounds a little on the gruelling side, but I'm sure it'll be full-on awesome soon. Regardless, thanks very much for the updates and the excellent photos. Keep 'em coming. /doug

    P.S. Are you guys hauling *everything* you have on the bike? If so, then kudos to you for learning to travel so lightly. If not, then where's your bags?

  2. The bags are picked up at the hotel by a taxi. A different one and driver each day.Its about $40. So far, they have always been at our next hotel, but I carry everything I will need on the bike.