Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday, Hilly, Hot and Windy!

Into the hills and the heat. 97 degrees at its hottest around 2:30 this afternoon.
The riding has become about 30% off road. That's dirt road, gravel road and sand. Dry, Dry, Dry! Not a mud puddle to be found. All the river crossings are completely dry with weeds going wild! The water birds are still there, just no water.
We did see our first Lizard. "Big enough to eat!", said Barbara. We're use to many more on or rides north of here.
The towns are spread out. In between there is farms. Orange for the most part, Olive and now wine grape. Of course they're are bits of other things. We saw about 2 acres of Pomegranate.
We're at the part of Spain that there is nothing for a long time. After a while, way off in the distance you will see what looks like a town. Sure enough, the Camino takes you to the town and past the Cathedral. Most of the time there closed. When they are open, we stop and go in. All are amazing! Never less then 600 years old, this type of stuff makes our trip!
We walk a lot. We don't take chances. We go slow. Missing a mark can and has added 20 miles to our day. Thats never good although we welcome the sights we wouldn't see otherwise. All in all, its all good. Tougher then what most would consider A Vacation, but its all we know.
Here are today's photos:

Barbara, Ian and Scott at todays start at the hotel.

We have never seen one like this!

Just Amazing!

The Tandem at the start of todays ride,

Final Note: Watching this blog you need to know that WiFi here in Spain is not everywhere. If you click on and don't see anything, understand that we have no WiFi. Also sometimes it shuts off! So please come back and check the day's posting. You might be surprised that it has changed and has more text and photos. Please comment. We love to see your thoughts about this ride. And, Thank You for watching.


  1. I am constantly amazed and in awe of what you two consider a VACATION(at least you got to go on one)!!!!!! Looks like the start has brought on the adventures - triple up on your water bottles during the day and the wine bottleS at night and ENJOY.

  2. Once again, Carol and I will follow along... ..the blog continues to amaze.