Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday, San Clemente to Toboso

Back to the little rolling hills.
After 2 days of flat, were back to what we know. Not mountains, but a little more work. More time in the low gears, more climbing.
Not walking, but in places the trail went back to deep sand. We would walk in spots, but not more then 100 feet.
The weather still remains perfect. 70's and sunny. Slight wind, mostly on our back. We did have a bit of a head wind in the end, but not a quarter as bad as we have seen.
The area has lots of Rabbits. We love seeing them jet out and run for cover. Its funny how fast they are and sometimes more then one. Kicking their little feet in the air as the shoot along!
This is wine grape country. Its picking season and even today, Sunday, they were out. One group loved the tandem and stopped us to give us grapes. Super sweet and just plain perfect!
We are seeing more windmills. Something this area is known for. The perfect backdrop for "El Quiote" and the region known as "la Mancha"
Tomorrow starts our second week of riding. We have covered about 250 miles of about 90% dirt road. The photos show, the country side is beautiful. What they may not show is how nice the people of Spain are. We love it here. At least twice a day we say,"I could live here!"

Our final destination for the day is a small town. Temlleque is another 45 miles away.

Spanash Castle Magic


  1. Loving it, Scott! Wonderful commentary and pics.

  2. Clark, Bigby and I demand rabbit pictures!!