Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday, Siete Inglasies to Zamora

Another great day in Spain! Cool to start then sunny and warm the rest of the day,

We started off the day with a fantastic breakfast at the bar of our "Truck Stop" Hotel. My favorite, potato's and eggs! Toast and coffee. Ready to ride!
After a look around the very quiet town of Siete Inglasisi,(Seven Church's), we headed out of town on the trail. Up hill and hard packed gravel road. Loose rock bigger then an egg at times, every rock fun to look at as well as avoid. Noisy as all get out with the bicycle rolling over loose stone. Great views of the road ahead and behind at our short stops to catch our breath.
After about 7 miles, the trail turned to deep white sand. We could see that someone on a bike was just in front of us by the track they had left in the sand and was having a problem riding as well. Crash marks and footprints. Sometimes it was as deep as six inches. Impossible to ride, but fun being out anyway.
Marks in the sand of someone falling on their bike, I found burred, a new "Multitool" A bicycle tool with everything you might need for a quick repair on the trail. We asked two riders up the road if it was theirs but both said no.
We came across our fist Fig Tree on this journey. What a pleasure. Some were ripe enough to eat. Figs picked from a tree are about as good as it gets of tree ripened fruit! A must to stop and eat at least one!
We came along a little village along the route. Lots of folks were out shopping and the cafe's were already filled. Some of the men were already drinking beer.
Heading out of town we decided to get onto the pavement and head to our next stop, the town of Torro. Faster moving with traffic we were able to get to lunch as things were starting to happen. We also wanted to get to the Tourist Office before it closed to get the stamp for the Passports.
Looking around town we found the best spot, parked the bike where we could see it and had lunch.
Rice and mushrooms, called "Zamora Rice" for me and a Salad with Tuna for Barbara.
Back on the road we headed off on the pavement again toward Zamora.
Zamora is a huge city and entering city's are always tough. Hard to find our way around town to the Hotel. We also wanted to find the big bike shop so we could get a stronger replacement tire then the one we bought and have been carrying on the back of the bike.
All worked out well. We found what we needed and located the Hotel quickly with the help of Barbra's "Gizmo."

Our hotel is very nice. A bit upscale from the Truck Stop we were at last night.

Tomorrow we head back into the mountains and the final stretch of hills before Santiago. The land and woods will be very beautiful in the next week. We have ridden this part of the trail once before in 2010. It will be interesting to see how much we remember.


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