Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday, One Crash, 3 Flats and a great day!

What a difference a day makes. 70 degrees, down hill with a tail wind! I don't think we pedaled for the first 5 miles!
At least 90% off road. Hard pack to sand, to gravel. Smooth sailing for most of the day.

Hard pack turns to deep sand in a moment. Most of the time I catch it and change lane, but if too deep, the bike goes down and this morning it did!

We made it to the town of Chinchilla. Cute old town with a tourist office for our "Passport Stamp"
We got the stamp, went to the Cathedral, and went to lunch. A simple lunch of chips and Tapas.

Afterwards because of new construction, we got good and lost. Not too far off track, but lost enough to not see where we were in realition to to the trail with 2 GPS's. After a long, high speed stretch of pavement. we were back on track. Thats when we hit "The Tumble Weed" Brown and looking harmless, its covered with thorns. Barbra was stuck, on the bike up to her knees. We finally got out, but not without a lot of stickers. Then came the flats.
We managed to fix one, but the other just would not mend. With only 2 km's to go, we walked.

Were staying in a large hotel. The bike is locked in the parking garage below.

Heading out for dinner and not having much luck, we returned to the room to find something on the computer. Thats how we found the Craft Beer spot in the last photos. Nice people and great beer. Our first IPA this trip.

All in all, a good day. It was nice to have the tail wind after Thursdays constant 20 mph blow.

We look forward to tomorrows ride of mostly flat.

The site of our crash, hard packed trail turned to deep, loose sand.


  1. The Title says it all...why use words after that...the pictures are beautiful.

  2. So glad I discovered your blog today (via Belmont site)! My gf and I are scheming a Camino tour on tandem. Enjoy!!!