Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursday, The Adventure Begens!

There is nothing like finishing a hard day on the Camino of riding and walking in the hot sun and get to the Hotel and have the bags waiting!
Its another thing to get to town and find out the bags are not there!
And another thing all together to find out that there isn't even a hotel!
We rolled into town, actually walked into town and after looking around were told, "This town doesnt have a Hotel!"
We sprang right into action, went to a Bar and ordered two large beers!
When things get tough, its always best to go to the bar in Spain. They will without a doubt, figure it out for you. Always worthy of a big tip! Without us even asking,the Bartender came out with his "Pilgrim stamp" for our Passports and gave us a map to the Alberque.
An Alberque is a place for Pilgrims with a hot shower and a place to sleep. Free! Thats right, all Free. Lucky, I always carry a change of cloths for something like this to happen, (Boy Scout)
We showered and went to dinner on the tandem.
Not a bad sleep, for free! We packed up and headed out for our day to the next town, hoping to see our bags again!

Cool bike and the front door of our Hotel

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  1. Oh yes, this certainly qualifies as an ADVENTURE...may the road be less adventuresome tomorrow, although such things make the best memories.