Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday, Arevalo to Siete Iglesias

We had a lovely stay at our Hotel for the evening. More friendly folk, making sure everything we perfect for us at all times.
I finished the evening in the Bar watching the UCI Elite Men's Wold Championship. Funny watching a Pro Bicycle race from the USA while in Europe! At first, we were not sure where the race was, until we noticed wooden houses and US style license plates on the cars and motorcycles.
Beautiful day for a ride. A cool and crisp start. soon warmed up to perfect riding weather.
Light wisps of clouds in the sky and hard packed road under foot.
We walked out of town, stopping for water for the bike and to check out the sights.
The Castle in town was closed for Monday as are a lot of things on Monday here in Spain.
Thundering along most of the day.e have seen our first mile marker telling us how far we are from Santiago. 467 kms to go, less now.
On route we were to be passing a Bicycle Shop. We located it with lot of help from Barb and her Smart Phone that Im calling her "Gizmo". The front tire is now starting to signs of wear and I wanted to have an extra in case it lets go. One of the sealed bearings on the front hub is having a problem too. Adjusting it seems to have no effect. The folks at the bicycle shop were super helpful. They are the 2 folks in the photograph. Mother and Son run shop. The son gave us a hand full of power bars for free as a gift for the road. So Nice!
Things are starting to turn greener along the trail. Riding yesterday late afternoon the trail reminded me of home. We will see how long that lasts.
Tomorrow we will be riding into Zamora. A town we have once ridden into from the South on the Via Della Plata. We will pick up that trail and continue onto Santiago on roads and paths we were on in 2010. We will see how much we remember!

The Biggest Birds nest we have EVER seen!


  1. Any idea what kind of bird makes such huge nests??

  2. Its a Storks nest, That kind of bird that brings people babies!