Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday, A Day of Climbing to Avila

All up hill. Slow going. 3653 feet up today alone.
We started off on the dirt trail but realized it was going to be safer on the pavement. Constant switch back for the whole morning. Resting at times, the weather is cooler with a slight cloud cover.
I have switched back to clear lenses with my riding glasses.
We had a quick stop at our first town for a beer and Tapas and then got right back on the road. Constant climbing.
I noticed the rear tire getting a bit soft. Thinking it must be because I had not pumped it up in a couple days, gave it a quick 100 pumps and headed off. It was only a little while we noticed it getting flat again.
Quick change with no apparent reason for a puncture, we started out again only to have it go soft within a mile.
Looking at the tire from the outside, Barbara noticed about 30 tiny thorns stuck in. Our new tire seems to like this and had a huge collection. With tweezers and reading glasses, I managed to get, I think, all of them out. Some were so small it would be hard to see them without the help of the reading glasses, but a good thing I had the tweezers as a tool or else it eould have been impossible to get them out at all.
We finished the afternoon with a 1700 foot descent into Avila. Avila is an Roman walled city with more bars and restaurants in Spain. Its like a circus. I saw three live rock bands just on the way to the hotel once in the walls.
Here are some photos of today's ride. There will be more of this town tomorrow.

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