Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday, Toboso to Tembleque

We were told when we chose our room at the Bed and Breakfast that he front of the house might be a little noisy with all the morning rush of tractors going out to get the Wine Grapes. We had no idea how busy it was. When the room filled with exhaust, it was time to get up!
Another beautiful day in Spain, Sunny and cool to start.
The Camino eats tires. I noticed about a day ago a flap in the rubber on the back tire. Lucky enough, we found a bicycle shop, on route, and replaced it.
We had our first Saint James sighting. The fellow on the horse in the pictures. He is the only Saint tat is pictured on a horse because of a sighting someone once saw of a image in the clouds that looked like him.The red dagger on the flag is his sign as well.
As cool as it was for most of the day, the last 18 kms were in 95 degree sun with a headwind. Tough riding for our finish of another great day.
Bull fighting and beers at the bar in town and a meeting with our new "Pilgrim Frend ,Klaus from Hamburg, Germany. A walker with his wife who was back at the hotel.
Tomorrow we go to Toledo and a whole day off the bike!
Here are todays photos:

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